Underground Sound Type in Motion

This is my final project from Typography II. The objective was to create a music lyric video using type as image. I chose Underground Sound by Joey Valence ft. Brae, a rap song inspired by 90s hip-hop. The use of colorful words and the rhythm is what really inspired me for this project. I wanted to make the lyrics look like a collage, so I mix and matched 12+ typefaces.

The software that we were required to use was Adobe AfterEffects. I had never used AE before this project, making the whole process pretty daunting. With the help of my professors and youtube, I was able to create my video over the course of four weeks.

I’m proud of the final product, but if I had more time I would add more color and complete the song.
Kinetic Type
Motion Graphics

Watch the video here.

Milwaukee, WI